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Public Services


We board year round dogs over 60 pounds/large breeds. We handle pick up and delivery in The Villages for an additional $40.00. We will also bathe your dog for an additional $50.00. Your dog’s vaccinations must all be current and proof is needed upon accepting your dog for boarding.

Puppy Development:

During the beginning stages of your puppy’s life, behavior and drive problems can develop if left unattended or unstimultated. We at Police Service Dogs have a track history for knowing how to properly develop a young puppy with a modern dog training system. For additional information please visit our Youtube Channel "psdk9laz". The housebreaking course of action can begin at eight weeks of age. Then, by consistent and gentle training methods, we can channel your puppy in the right direction, evading many of the problems he would otherwise develop.

• Stop accidents
• Reward proper behavior
• Train your puppy to go outside
• Train your puppy in all phases, obedience and protection, introduce him to marker training, and properly develop his drives

Problem solving:

Is your dog chewing your furniture or relieving himself inside? Does he dig holes in your yard, bark all the time or growl and snap? Does he jump on your guests when they enter your home?

• Stop unwanted behavior
• Control and condition new behavior
• Replace bad habits with good ones


Obedience is the foundation in any training that your dog should receive. If you are looking to train your dog to not only be obedient but also enjoy doing obedience, let us give you a free evaluation and consult with you the different types of obedience packages we have available. Our obedience classes are $120 per session. Each private session is one hour. In addition, we guarantee our training with two free yearly classes for the rest of your dog’s life, upon the successful completion of one of our training packages. All of our obedience packages come with free problem solving and house breaking schedules.